Monday, June 8, 2009

a weeks worth of pictures.

so, even though jakes birthday was over 2 weeks ago. he just got his birthday present last monday. his loving wife (with the help of his mother and mother-in-law) got him an ipod touch. being the funny, witty person i am i had "big jake's book & bible" engraved on the back. you see jake has always (or at least since high school) wanted to open a book store and a few years ago he and i decided it should be named "big jake's book & bible" he could have a sign with a big cheesy picture of himself sporting a big thumbs up!
isn't it pretty?
monday was also roses actual birthday. we hung around the house being bored for a good part of he day
making horse faces while trying to take your own picture is harder than you might think!
then we went to the mall to try to find rose some new such luck. so we played in the kiddy play area instead.
oh no! the hippo is eating my boys!
there were some very annoying kids running (and jumping) around the play area.
you can see the annoying girl in the background
this was roses attempt to keep that girl away from me
(she kept jumping over this thing and almost kicking me every time)
(*i have no idea what i did on tuesday...?*)
then on wednesday after dropping solly off at school jake, moses and i went for a drive. we ended up at mud mt. dam and it turns out at 9am NO ONE else is there!! it was GREAT!!!
lot's a fun
and of course moses just HAD to go swimming while we were there:
(that water was FREEZING!)
so later that day i got the boys their own pool
(since it was about 90ยบ out side :P)
then of course thursdays is youth group. solly, mosey and i all went and hung out for most of the night we had a ton of fun!!
mosey hitchin a ride
who let jake have the camera?
could this kid be any cooler?
solly thinks he's in high school sometimes i think.
(the cried when it was time to leave)
friday. moses and i picked up solly from school early and headed to whidby island to see jakes parents for the night.
as annoying as it is to take a ferry, but it's really pretty
while on whidby island, the in-laws church was hosting an african children's choir. they are from an orphanage type thing called watoto (pronounced wa-toe-toe, it means "children" in swahili) they were AH-amzing!!! i could just look at them all day they are beautiful and so sweet!!!
this is solomon with seth and moses
(yes! another person named moses!!!)
moses & moses (and a little bit of seth)
then on saturday morning, while getting ready to go at a ladies tea with my mother-in-law, i burnt...scratch that! i FRIED the boys breakfast!!
moses and grandpa went for a little ride on the lawn mower.
moses wasn't too sure about it
and solly waited for his turn
he got to do 99% of the driving
we wrapped up saturday with dinner at ivar's, then a walk out on the pier to watch people fish...and also watch the ferry boats
solly with his menu on his face
grandpa with is boys
and then made the long trip home with some tired see our favorite person, DADDY!!! we were all so glad to see each other!
sunday. after chuch i hauled tooshie up to south hill to see an old friend at her baby shower. her and her husband are going through the process of becoming foster parents with hopes to adopt down the road.
thank goodness she hasn't changed!
i love paula!!
who wants cake??
after i got home from the shower, the boys and i went out to have a nutritious mcdonalds. followed by ice cream and then grocery shopping.
i think he wanted more ice cream
sorry babe, you ate yours too fast!
moses thought something was funny!
mommy & solly
jake "borrowed" mosey's ice cream to lick the drips... moses was not ammused!
and that was what i did with the last week of my life.
today, my mom and i did some gardening today. and let me tell you, i HATE gardening. i would rather do just about anything else!! both my front and back gardens look great now...i would just rather someone else take care of them from now on :) stay tuned for pictures of the garden!


  1. i love everything about this blog!!

  2. Babe, you are a master blogger! I love the pics and the little comments. I just wish I was with you guys for all the stuff you got to do....then again, one of us has to work. You know, bring bacon...Thanks for the iPod by the way, I have listened to half of the Bible so far.