Friday, June 26, 2009


how can such little people be so funny??
moses helped himself to a bowl of re fried beans and what better place to eat beans that outside on the patio? look how he holds the bowl with his foot! he's like a monkey!!
and then there's solly...oh boy what a funny little man. today he made up a joke "what did one cactus say to the other cactus? "hey! you're poking me"" and this is the face he makes when he's done telling such a great joke.
it's so nice to have little people to keep me entertained all day long! tomorrow we're going to see ashley!! we're so excited for our mini road trip!!


  1. I wish I was with you guys all day.

  2. "knock knock..
    who's there??
    duck who??
    duck howie!!!

    remember that!?!?!
    solly would make the best comedian!!

    i love that mosey holds his things with his feet!!!
    and that face reminds me of the video where he makes that snort noise and swings the remote!