Monday, October 5, 2009

the breakfast club

solomon was in an unusually good mood this morning. which is always nice! maybe is was the mini eggo waffles they had for breakfast (that jake picked out yesterday)
or maybe it's just because he got a cool new watch yesterday that he's super proud of. (i'm pretty sure that rosey spot on his cheek is from sleeping on the cool new watch)
and don't worry i am fully aware of the fact that moses is in desperate need of a haircut. soon. very soon. like hopefully this week.


  1. haha i was totally wondering what that rosey spot was from. that makes sense.

    i have to say his watch is totally sweet!!

    and umm as for mosey's hair you have to keep it semi long so he can be that baby from the incredibles ahah.

  2. Love the watch! And I too think Mosey's hair should stay a little long!