Friday, October 30, 2009

pre-halloween madness

since halloween falls on a saturday this year schools & people are throwing halloween parties today. solly had his class party where he was dressed as a ...
i helped out in his class and i even threw a little costume together (if only you could see my pigtail buns that were my "ears")
my big sister, anna, works at sollys school and she was a baker...isn't she cute (between her shoes & the hat i think she was like 7 feet tall!!!)
and my niece, ellie, dressed as Billie Joe Armstrong the lead singer for green odd choice for an 11 year old girl...but whatevs.
and then anthony & kelsey stopped by on their way to a party to show me their AMAZING costumes!!! (and solly is right in there being a vampire...weird kid)
i can't hardly wait for trick or treating tomorrow...AND rose is coming over!! it should be a lot of fun!


  1. hahahahahaha i love this blog!! everything about it!

  2. remember solly is darth ninja vader...sheesh

  3. baha. That's all I have to say.