Tuesday, October 13, 2009

please VOTE!

some old friends from bible college (that met there and got married) have entered their outdated kitchen in home depot makeover contest. one big reason i am really rooting for them to win is partly because of the THREE kids they have, but more because they are expecting TWINS! so in a matter of months that will be a grand total of FIVE kids. a mother of 5 needs a good kitchen. so please take the time to vote for my friends and their ever growing family. (and please don't be shy, vote EVERYDAY!!!)

click here to vote

oh, and if you don't think the kitchen is that bad...then click through the pictures and check out their stove/oven and imagine having a pull out stove top with little kids running around!!


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  1. Voted! Remind me and I will vote each day till its over!