Saturday, October 24, 2009


we had thought about going to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins this year. and then i remembered that after the kids corral, corn maze, hay ride and pumpkins we could be out $60+ and the last time i was at the grocery store i noticed that they had good sized pumpkins for $3.99 so that's just what we did this afternoon, as a family, we headed out to the good'ol enumclaw QFC
right off the bat solly was impressed with the selection
our pumpkins and my boys!
mama and all 4 pumpkins
carving time!
i love moses face.
he wasn't too sure about the pumpkin guts
solly fake barfing...boys!

i had been given a squash that i didn't really want to eat so i decided to carve it. and the pumpkin with the flower in it (the middle back) moses made in sunday school last weekend and the tiny pumpkins are ones that solly grew in this very own garden. (moses/jake's pumpkin is on the left, mama's squash is in the middle & solly/mama's on the right)
we had some good'ol family fun today!! i can't keep moses away from the pumpkins & he squealed with joy when he saw them all lit up!

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  1. haha i love it!! they look like spongebob pumpkins!!!