Thursday, October 8, 2009

moving day

today i (finally!!!) got a project done that i've been wanting to do for a long time: trading bedrooms with moses and solomon. i've been wanting them to have the bigger bedroom so that they could have lots of room to play. i knew it was going to be a big job to switch rooms...but it was even harder than a thought. thank goodness for rose and all her help!
i wish i could get a better picture to show just home much more room they have. they've already had wrestling matches & solmon had his own private dance party.
moses has his own side of the room.
and solly has his own side. (wow, i just noticed how catty-wampus those letter are!)

★ ★ ★

before #2:
after #2:
nothing fancy. but, i am happy with the outcome. and the boys couldn't be more happy with their new room. moses even took a great nap in there this afternoon.
OH and the only thing i haven't gotten done yet it switching curtains...maybe tomorrow. i'm pooped!


  1. it looks really good!!!

    glad it be done though ((:

  2. Good job Becki, such motivation, I am envious! I lacked the motivation to do anything quite ambitious

  3. is that a fan i see? are you children addicted the wondrous fan noise like mine are???

  4. Looks good babe. Also, nice job using the big words in your blog!!