Wednesday, October 21, 2009


a friend remember that i had been looking for a climber for moses (about a month ago) and this past weekend she spotted one at a garage sale and since she didn't have my number she got the lady's number...but me being an airhead forgot to respond to a facebook post and then yesterday she writes to me again and tells me that she picked it up for me and to call her so that she can give it to me. so, this evening she delivers it to me.
all put together
(and on the patio for now under the umbrella & out of the rain)
moses is totally impressed
solly looks like a giant!
both of them love it!!
sometimes i forget how kind & thoughtful people can be and every once in a while God likes to remind me!


  1. awww!! you needed something to cheer you up!!

    moses is probably having a party!!!!
    i wish i had one of those when i was little it looks amazin.

  2. Looks like they are very much enjoying it!