Thursday, October 15, 2009

today (for lack of a better title)

as soon as jake got home from work today we all headed over to the park. for a little family (plus a few big kids) fun. i know that a LOT of my pictures are at the same old park. but, it's across the you'll have to deal with it
big solly...just before he jumped

mr. mojo
and then there is the big kids...bryn & anthony fighting (as usual) gotta love 'em...
my rosie!!!
solly likes to get into baby swings...but we refuse to help him out of the baby swings. so, it's always fun to watch him try to get out but, don't worry he always gets out with no problem (oh, notice all the debris on the ground from out little wind storm earlier this was crazy fun)
i cannot get over how stinking cute moses is with his new haircut i love it!
goofy boy #1
goofy boy #2
i love having funny kids. there is never a dull moment around here.
OH, side note: solly's teacher sent home a "chapter" book today and told him that he could read a chapter or two every night (or, whatever he was up for) ...he got home from school and read it in 30 minutes. (p.s. it was kinda a gross book for a 1st grader...'The Halloween Party From The Black Lagoon' the beginning of chapter 2 starts out like this "On the school but, all the kids are excited about their costumes. Eric says he has a beautiful rubber mask. The eyeball is hanging out and there's an ax stuck in the brain. Needless to say, there's lots of fake blood on it." ...really? for a 1st grader? sometimes public school can be very frustrating!!!


  1. your kids are super cute!!
    and um solly readys beyond fast even if it was a no good book!!
    bryn and anthony got to be pretty interesting haha.

  2. hahahahahahahaha I'M IN A BLOG OMG THAT'S SO AMAZING

  3. Love the pictures, and I have always thought reading to overrated!