Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a great day!

my poor little hippy baby finally got a haircut today. i am so happy. i mean, he's cute no matter what...but his hair was getting a little out of hand.
and, yes, he did eat that whole burger...it took most of the day.
doesn't he look so much more happy? (and older!) this was the best picture i could get...i need a much faster camera, he's too fast!

★ ★ ★

also today, my big kids decided to take over my kitchen!! anthony was nice enough to put together a dinner for us in my crock pot (mostly using things i already had around the house) and that kid can cook! (i cannot)
i just sat back and watched
rose was all about the baking today. she made some chocolate chip cookie bars that were goo-ood! then she made brownies (with powdered sugar batman symbols on top) they had a little too much fun. (for a "brother" and "sister" they get along really well)
here is our finished dinner...soooo good.
and we still have LOTS of yummy rose desserts!!! yay for today!!!

★ ★ ★

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  1. mosey is sooooo cute he was before now but now he is an older cute!!!

    haha bakin is oh so funnn hahahaha.

  2. We gotta stop giving Mojo his Flintstone vitamins, he is getting too big, too fast!

  3. hmph. i am never in blogs :P
    not that i did anything worth blogging for today hahahahaha
    looks like it was allllllll good.

  4. I love his hair both ways and yes it does make him look older:) I wish I had grown up kids to make food for me.

    Oh and take the word varification thing off, cause it takes forever to comment:)